Reds And Greens For Health

How healthy are you feeling? What did you eat today?   Did you eat food high in antioxidants?  Antioxidants protect you from free radicals that can destroy body cells. If your antioxidant level is low you are less able to effectively fight unexpected illness.  Reds and greens are full of antioxidants and keep you healthy.

Red fruits (also think orange) are cranberries, red grapes, plums, apples, oranges, apricots, and tangerines.  Dried fruits provide antioxidants and can be useful for snacks.

Green vegetables (and some reds) are spinach, green peppers, kale, broccoli, beetroot, red peppers, carrots and tomatoes.

If your lifestyle does not always enable you to readily shop for reds and greens I can suggest ways to ensure you are getting adequate antioxidants to keep you healthy.

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