A comment frequently made is “my cholesterol is high”. How is your cholesterol? Is it at the right level? There is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol and it is very important to keep your cholesterol at the right levels.

While overseas attending a conference my friend, along with other delegates, took the opportunity to have their cholesterol tested.  Results showed that my friend’s cholesterol was very high  (12.2) – so high she was told should would not be able to fly. Problem – she was returning home two days later on a long haul flight. Under medical supervision she was given high levels of a product that is based on natural plant based ingredients. Her cholesterol level was reduced sufficiently to enable her to make the scheduled flight! She was, of course, advised to see her doctor on arrival which she did. However, so impressed with the results of the product she had been given while overseas she has continued to use it to maintain her cholesterol level. Good Cholesterol – 2.1  Bad Cholesterol 1.4  YIPPEE!   You can have access to this product too, just contact us.

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