Teenagers – what fun they are!

From 0-7 a child learns mostly from a woman

From 7-14 they learn mostly from a man.

From 14 -21 they are testing out what they have learnt.

They are their own person, BUT THEY NEED BOUNDARIES.

A teenager without boundaries is like a wild dog without a master.

Teenages will argue, just because they can.

The best thing I found with my own teenagers, was to question them back when they asked me “can I……..?”    I would look at them, smile and say “well darling, I have never been asked that before, can you help me here, what would you say if your child asked you that?”    Every time, they gave the answer that I wanted to give but it had come out of their mouth and then we could discuss it.

Often, they don’t really want to do what they are asking, but they love the thought of seeing how you handle the situation.

Teenagers, are young adults, testing the water to see how hot it is.

Remember, you are their caretaker – it was a privilege to have them as a baby and a child, but hold them loosely but within reach as they explore life.

Contact me at info@anti-agingworld.com for further chats.

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