Skin Damage – Aging Skin

When we are born we usually have about seven layers of skin on our body.

Age spots

As we age, age spots appear on our skin.   Also layers of skin gis washed, rubbed or just worn off.   As we look at older people’s legs, they are often paper thin with purple and red markings.   This shows that there are not enough layers of skin to be revitalised.

There is an answer to this – we have access to a body smoothing agent that not only moisturises the skin, but also stimulates the skin cells.   The results are unbelievable.

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At different ages, our little epigene switches in our genes switch on and off, sometimes dimmed – causing collagen, texture, Ethicon and other essential skin functions to stop working.  They also turn on all the “BAD GUYS” like pigmentation.

The technology in our product goes straight to the epigenes and returns our skin to a youthful state.   It has to be seen to be believed.