Children are sponges…

Children are explorers, they are fact gatherers, they can assimilate a situation so quickly.    Child psychologists tell us that 80% of what a person learns in life, they learn before they are five years old.

All their motor skills, their speech patterns, their values, their knowledge of good and evil, their heritage and the patterns of adult living.  They are who they are, and unless something traumatic happens, their course is plotted.

Karl Marx said “give me a child till he is six and I will have him for life”.

I look at my own children and by three years old, they were who they are today.

They are now adults with their own families, but they have not changed since they were little children.   My husband and I have allowed them to develop and become the people they are, because we listened to them, we encouraged them and we helped them on THEIR path, not our path.

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