Baby Skin

Baby skin is very precious.

It is 5.5pH and should not have any alkaline or mineral oil products on it.           Many years ago I had a TV series on the Good Morning Show in New Zealand called “Mothering with Marj”.     A very well known branded company sponsored the show.  For the first two years I used their products, bathing babies, massaging babies and generally marketing their products on TV.

In 1999 I bought a pH pencil and carried out some testing.

Oh MY GOODNESS!   Their baby soap was 12pH, the same as JIF that I clean my oven with.

On checking with a scientist, he advised that so many children had Dermatitis because of bad baby soaps.

I have been involved with a worldwide company now for 13 years and they have a baby soap made from Red Hibiscus leaves.  Pure 5.5pH and it comes out of the bottle by a pump, it is fluffy and lovely and our grandchildren who have used this product, have had



Contact me urgently and I will tell you how to get this Baby foam for your baby or your friend’s babies.