BABIES – what a miracle they are.

In 1999 when I had a TV Show called Mothering with Marj, I was absolutely amazed at the messages I received from people watching the show, who had children and babies and did not appear to have any idea about what they should be dressed in, in all weathers.

One thing that is vital for every baby is that it be warm and loved.

Babies being pushed in pushchairs with no hate on, no blanket to keep them warm, with the cold wind in their face makes me cringe.  The adult usually running with a jacket on, is hot and warm, while the baby is being set up to have a chill, develop symptons of chest infections and asthma.

No matter what climate, a baby should always have a hat on.   The warmth escapes through their head so quickly.  In the summer, a baby also should have a had on, as they can get sun stroke with the heat of the sun on their head.

I know the health professionals tell mothers to sleep babies on their backs, however, I firmly believe that a new baby (perhaps to three months) needs to be swaddled in a muslin wrap (not polar fleece!! this causes them to overheat and can cause death), and lain on alternate sides each time they are put to bed.

By having a rolled towel, or a wedge at their back, they cannot fall back onto their back.  Their little bones in their heads are then developing evenly.  I am very sad when I see young toddlers with a flat back to their heads, as a result of constantly lying on their backs.    Some children are so affected they need a leather helmet during the day, to give their skull bones the opportunity to spread out.

I am not a Doctor, but I have had over 60 years of caring for children and babies, and believe that we need to be sensible.

I will write another article about baby’s skin.

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