Varicose Veins


I have had mine injected three times, only for them to return

I purchased an amazing body ironing tool – handheld.   I put the prescribed gel on my legs and ironed them every night for a week, for five minutes on each leg.

I then repeated it twice a week for three weeks.   90% of my varicose veins had gone and I just needed to concentrate on a rather large lumpy one for another two months, once a week and it has gone too.

I do need to remember about every month to give them a good rub again with the tool, to keep them down and flat.   They are not visible at all now.

Contact me using the form below and I can send you photos of legs treated in this way.  We can talk about how you too can buy one of these little machines (which can be used anywhere on the body!!) at a wholesale price.