Permanent Weight Loss

No more yo-yo diets!

Do you want information about a complete science based weight loss programme?        A botanically based 90 day programme of supplements, shakes and eating habits that will cause you to turn off the fat cells in your body, especially around your waist?

Contact me urgently – there is a limited time to buy this in October and February before it is available for everyone next July 2014.

You need to act urgently.   RESULTS ARE UNBELIEVABLE. Contact us using the form below if you are interested in the purchasing during either the October or February events.

Weight weighs us down!

As a young person it is very easy to criticise and comment on people who have more weight than looks comfortable.

Before my wedding my Mother asked our Doctor how she could lose weight? His answer “keep your mouth shut”.  Whilst this is mostly true, we do need to eat to stay alive.

Whilst we all increase in size as we get older a really good thing to remember is that from 10-30 we usually can eat as much as we want.  Fomr 30-45 we eat 50% less, and stay a good weight.  From 45 to 60 we should eat 25% of what we ate at 20 and we will stay a good size.  However, we should also exercise/walk/run/skip for a MINIMUM OF 30 MINUTES A DAY.  This not only keeps us in shape but it also puts oxygen into our bodies which helps our Mitochondria (or batteries in our cells) to stay vibrant and working.

If you want advice or help with your weight, or you are keen to join the October or February events mentioned above, please use the form below.  We have several programmes we can introduce you to.

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