Abdomens or tummies!!!!

Over weight woman in underwear

As children our skin is taught and firm.  As teenagers we feel sleek and the guys love their abs.   However, it doesn’t take long before young Mums are feeling devastated about their tummy.  You love your baby but oh my goodness.   What can I do?

We have the most amazing hand held tool that will iron your excess tummy away.  The gels used actually disperse and get rid of the cellulite and fat that is a residue of having a baby.

Contact us urgently at info@anti-agingworld.com   We can organise for you to buy this product Wholesale, with even more benefits.

We all feel so slim and trim when we are young and look at older women and wonder how they “possibly let themselves slip”

But it happens to all of us.  Whether it is after having a baby or babies – just watching the waistline disappear – what can we do?

I learnt recently that there are over 200 FAT GENES that sit dormant in our bodies (mostly around our middle) till we are about 50!!!!!!!  Then their little switch (epigene) turns on and they start collecting fat.  Perhaps it goes back to the caveman days when there was little food in the winter, I don’t know.  Anyway, we diet and lose weight (unfortunately we also lose muscle mass), then we put weight on again, but no more muscle mass – eventually we are fatter and more wobblier and it is a never ending battle.

I have been using a little tool and gels to iron away the excess and that is good, but I now know of a company who have discovered how to turn off these “fat genes”.  The product is being launched July 2014, but there are going to be two Limited Time Offers in October and February.  It isn’t cheap, it’s a 90 day programme costing about NZ$18 a day – but it will turn off the fat genes, rebuild your muscle mass and transform the shape of your body.  Contact me as soon as you read this for more information.   I am about 15kg overweight and I am lining up to start this programme the instant it is online.

If you have any questions for us, or you are interested in buying products either retail or wholesale, please get in touch using the form below.


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