Cycling For Mental Health

Do you cycle? If you do it regularly that is excellent because it has a beneficial effect on mental health.

Research indicates that cycling has a positive effect on the brain.  Cycling to school is good for children as they appear to be more alert and responsible to learning and particularly good for children with ADHD.  Evidence is emerging that cycling is beneficial for people with depression and there are indications of improvement for  with Parkinson’s have improved mobility.

If you haven’t cycled for a while think about getting back on to a bike.  Many cities provide paths so think about cycling to work.   If you live close to park areas where cycling is permitted, it is a way of relaxing and enjoying the environment.

If you would prefer company, encourage friends to cycle with you, or join a cycle club and meet new friends.  Make cycling the way to feel good and improve your physical and mental health.

If aching appears we can help you there!

Go cycling!! For more information contact